Student Assistant in Psychophysics Lab
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Ernst Strüngmann Institut
Niederrad, Frankfurt aM

Dear all,

We are looking for a research assistant at the Ernst Strüngmann Institut, in the Pascal Fries department.

The student will work in the Psychophysics Lab, where we are recording behavioral and eye tracking data from a large number of participants.

The main task will be recruiting participants and taking care of them during the task. Data analysis is also possible if the candidate is interested (for that we use Matlab).

We offer a contract of 80 hours per month (10,14 € per hour), or different if needed.

The main topic of the study is how brain rhythms create a common temporal structure timing action and perception.
For a review on the topic see the paper “Perceptual Cycles” by Rufin VanRullen (2016 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences).

The atmosphere in the Lab is always positive and open for interesting conversations.

If you would like to know more about this please contact Tommaso, who is currently running the study.

All the best,